Thursday, July 27, 2006


Taaa Daaa

Finished the first and now on to number 2! I took someone's advice and switched the colors for warshrag #2. I can now be found in the park on my lunch break knitting warshrags while the mommies looking on in amazement. I better hide them before my mother-in-law comes to visit Saturday!

Great color combo! Very switched on, I'll have to get those two. I have found the bolder the better with these warshrags. Makes for very happy knitting! >^..^<
I loved your color combinations. My one question for anyone who'd like to respond....on pg 21 of THE COOLEST BOOK (I got for my birthday) the towels pictured clearly have three colors but the pattern lists Color A and B....where do we/how do we work in Color C??? The pic is of a lime green and red towel with a turquoise spacing and border. Help!
these colors are FABULOUS together! :)
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