Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Circle of Fun - Bathmat

I'm giving up now. I've tried to upload a picture of my circle of fun bathmat, but blogger will not do it. So please have a look here .

wow! it looks great! all your stuff is amazing. I have to check out the sock pattern--I adore toe-up socks, but want to dry a different heel than short-rows....

BTW, I had lotsa picture posting probs this morning, too, but now blogger seems to have come back from the dead ;)
Love it! I've been thinking about doing a Circle of Fun rug (been on a rug kick of late), and your's is excellent motivation. I really like the idea of using Peaches/Sugar 'n' Cream- easy on the budget, plenty of colors and no problem making use of the leftovers. Genius, I say, genius!!
I love your bathmat. I was also looking at your courthous steps, fun color combination. What yarn are you using ?
Your circle of fun looks awesome, i've only done short rows twice in mittens so it scares me a bit, but might just give that a try.
This looks so great! I have to make one.
This is an extremely adaptable pattern. Just finished a variation to cover the top of an endtable/cabinet to protect it from cat claws as the piece is a favorite perch. Changes - extended the base number of stitches to 40, large enough for the radius of the top; of course used a different yarn from my stash; it needed 13 segments due to the longer sections. Next, in order to make a vertical border to keep the mat on the top; picked up around the edges in the outer loops and knit around and around and...... for ten rows; bound off firmly. This worked perfectly - the mat lays flat to the edges of the top and the border/side comes down over the sides, with a slight cup. Plus it looks great and the felines approve as it is thick and cushy!
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