Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Superfancy rug done!

I finished the potholder loop rug yesterday. I'm really happy with it. The rug measures 24 inches by about 68 inches. I loved knitting with potholder loops becasue it knitted up so fast. The potholder loops made a really affordable hallway rug. In all I used thirteen 10 oz bags of cotton blend loops. I just need to go out and buy a rug pad to put under it to keep it from sliding around the hallway.

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Wow! Somehow that seems really great for a busy house with kids.

I read somewhere else of someone using puffy paint in little dots on the bottoms of knitted slippers to keep them from sliding. I wonder if that would work on the rug???
I'm in awe---you realize that's almost 6 feet of knitting! Even in potholder loops it's a large rug.

I'm thinking runner for a hallway. The problem is, I like to pick & choose my colors. xox Kay
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