Tuesday, July 25, 2006



I felted my small box and my buttonhole bag tonight and there is only one word... FUZZ! So I'm thinking about shaving tomorrow. Any adivce or words of wisdom? No worries about using DH's razor, he hasn't shaved since 1987! BethC

Yeah, I definitely shaved my bag.
I shave all my bags & felted objects b/c I'm not a fan of the fuzz!

I use cheapy disposable razors (the kind you find in a bag of 10 at Walmart) & shave around the bag going from top to bottom.
I've shaved my felted items. I picked up a cheap battery-operated Wahl from Walgreens. I think it was about $5. So perfect!
Thanks all! The shaving went well and I'm much happier with my finished items now.
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