Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Log Cabin

I started the Log Cabin from Mason-Dixon Knitting and can't put it down! Click to enlarge pictures. I sorted my yarns into warm and cool colors and they seem to be working just fine. I am doing some things a little differently. Instead of binding off each edge and having to pick the stitches up again, I leave them on a circular needle. That way when I come around to another band, I can pick up the end sts from the previous bands and just knit the live stitches. It looks more like a continuation of the stitches. So I have the stitches on four circular needles.

Also, I wanted a rectangular afghan so I'm doing 9 ridges on the side pieces and 10 ridges top and bottom. The one extra ridge will make a difference as it gets bigger. I'm not sure how big this will end up, but I may have to use two circulars on each section to hold the stitches toward the end. I'm using a #7 needle and seem to have lots of those so not a problem. This is a project where you want to do just one more section at midnight before going to bed!

Wow, it's so much easier just picking up and knitting the live stitches...what a great tip, so glad you shared it.
Will you please show a picture of your blanket on the circular needles? I'm having a hard time visualizing your technique.
I tried this technique and the needles got in my way so badly I went back to binding off each side. Do you have a trick for keeping the needles out of your way? Great colors you've got going here. Can't wait to see this as it grows!! --Sally
This sounds like a great technique for the log cabin -- but just let me get my head around it: I'll still need to pick up sts along the skinny edges, right? But the long edge will be live?

As it gets bigger, I'm wondering if there isn't something like the flexible portion of circ needles that you can buy by the yard (something like very small clothesline cording?) that you could fashion a holder with by cutting into lengths and holding its ends together? Sounds like a trip to the hardware store is due ...
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