Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Log Cabin update

Addictive?.... definately
Compulsive?.... certainly
makes your hands ache?...... absolutely!

I'm having a brilliant time knitting this quilt. I have hardly put it down and as a result my back, fingers and hands ACHE but I'm ploughing on through the pain barrier! It's brilliant to see all the other projects going on. I just wish I could touch and buy some of the yarns you are all using. They look so beautiful.

Minxxy http://minxxy.typepad.com

Hi! Love the colors you used-as well as your flowers! I want to start one soon. Curious as to what type of yarn you used-it looks cottony. Was this yarn from your stash?
It's Paton's 100% cotton and most of it is from my stash. I think I have bought 3 additional balls so all in all it's going to be a cheap quilt! I am determined to reduce my stash and haven't really bought any substanstial amounts of wool for a long long time. I will never live to be 238 years old so what's the point of having a million projects-to-be especially when new ones come along every season to replace them?
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