Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Warshrag Question

I finished the hot pink and neon green warshrag that I posted yesterday. Now, will I have enough yarn to make another from the same two skeins? Has anyone been able to do this with Sugar N' Cream? Thanks in advance!

You should - just reverse the colors!
just reverse colors, you should have enough
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I've gotten 3 plus some left over wiht SnC.
I have gotten up to three using 3 balls plus leftovers using SnC!
*points up*

Should read 2 balls, not 3...

It's a wonder I remember my own name some days....
you will definately have enough! Just reverse it like the others said. I knit up 2 warshrags using about half a skein of one color left over from another project and two brand new skeins of different color. It surprised me but not only do I have more than half a skein left of the new skeins that I used but I still have some left over form the first half skein.
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