Monday, July 24, 2006


Airplane Knitting

Flew out to Southern California from the Boston area and a Mason-Dixon warshrag became a handtowel. That's what six hours stuck on an airplane will get ya! I'm very glad I brought along my wooden needles... would you believe a metal protractor in my husbands' wallet got stopped in security? Oy. Thank goodness for wooden and bamboo needles.

On the flight home I started a striped burp cloth, also destined to become a handtowel. There's a hot pink kitchen in Quincy that needs a housewarming present.

This is our first floor (guest) bathroom... but I have a feeling the other baths will also be getting their very own matching handtowel very shortly.

Just keep knitting! Just keep knitting!

April Rescigno Posted by Picasa

Unless you have really old heavy metal needles, you won't have a problem, I fly with my bates and addi turbos all the time, I find the bamboos get bent in my too heavy carry on. The cloths look great.
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