Sunday, July 23, 2006


Log Cabin for a little person

I too have fallen under the spell of the log cabin. Here is one I just completed for a friend's little girl:

It was very fun to knit and see it come together (although I am an impatient knitter). It changes with every band you add, and I felt it only really came together visually in round eight. And the trim is key to making it look finished. The above image is before weaving in ends (which I did... I just couldn't knot and snip).

Yes, this was all on a US #5, 25" circular needle. I used a dk weight microspun acrylic... not what I usually knit with, but babies leak and this needed to be easily washed and dried. And can natural fibers ever get that bright?

I think I need one for my house now, and I'm torn between 1) another big log cabin, 2) a stripey mitered square blanket, or 3) how about s bunch of mini log cabins pieced together? Thoughts?


Dearest Cupcake

It's absolutely gorgeous. What brand of yarn?
woah love it! all this log cabin business is exciting. if you scroll down a bit to Becky Clark's post you'll see her pieced-together mini log cabins...they look great! i think that would be a fun project, and might go more quickly than the reeeeeeeally long strips near the end...
I love those colors! Yours is one of my favorites so far.
I have been toying with the mini log cabin idea too, I think it will be neat, as long as I don't get too crazy with the colours so it makes you sick.
It really is beautiful and the colors are just an edge off the primary look... softer. Very pretty. please tell us the brand.
Just beautiful. What a wonderful gift!
I love the log cabin! What fun colors and what a lucky little girl that gets that!
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!Makes me want to start knitting one NOW!!!! :)
For whatever its worth, when I made my log cabin squares it took me about three days per square, averaging 2-4 hours knitting per day. Assembling took a couple of days, and then I procrastinated the border strips because I knew how endless and boring they would be. After those border strips, I don't think I would ever attempt a blanket that is just one big square, I just need more action than that! :)
Thanks for all of your comments! It is inspirational to see everyone's projects. The brand of yarn is... a little embarrassing. It is: Lion Brand (!!!) microspun. Although acrylic, it did turn out lovely and VERY soft and stretchy. Does this mean I should give Red Heart yarns another chance?
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