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Absorba Yardage Question

Hi, all!
I've wanted to make an absorba for weeks now, but when I finally got to Wal-fart, all they had in cones was a bunch of neon or patriotic ochres. Not what I want for my bathmat! So Michael's has the smaller PnC on sale for $1 a skein this week, and I know that many of you had a lot of your cones of PnC left after making Absorba. Did anyone keep track of how many yards it took to make the mat? Or have a reasonable guess? I'm trying to figure out if it would make sense (financially) to do it with the smaller skeins.

Thanks SO much in advance for any comments! :)


I think you could do it reasonably with the smaller skeins. I've been using 6 strands of PnC held together and getting about 2.5 Absorbas per set of 6 one-pound cones. I make my bathmats a bit larger than in MDK, too, so you may get slightly more than that per cone.
I used 4 strands on 15's. I used 4 skeins per color (4 colors) in the solids (jute, soft ecru, ecru) and 5 skeins in natural ombre.
I knitted mine with 4 strands on 15's. I included yardage estimates on my blog:

Hope this helps!
My guess? Since I barely used 1/2 of 3 cones with 3 strands held together on 13's, I would buy about 4 balls of each color you'd like to use, just to be safe. Leftovers can always be matching warshclothes! The only problem you might run into is that the balls do not have dye lots, but depending on your color choice it might not matter.
Thanks, everyone. I had no idea about the dye lots (since I'm always buying single skeins!), but if I mix three different colors (or even two), I'm hoping it won't be obvious.

Fingers crossed that Michaels isn't sold out of the good colors by the time I get there tonight! :)
I used 15's and used 2 skeins each of 4 colors (total 8 skeins). I quit knitting when I used it all up, and my absorbas were plenty big. One was maybe 16x28 (for our skinny bathroom) and the other was maybe 20x28. But I used all solids, which are bigger than the ombres. I didn't follow the pattern precisely, because I wanted a different shape, but I guess they can be as big or little as your budget allows. Have fun--I know my husband was nervous when I told him why I was so anxious to get to Michaels yesterday:)
I'm getting ready to try one of the rugs and need some help following the directions. It says to do a certain number of garter stitch ridges. Does that mean every two rows of knitting?
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