Sunday, July 23, 2006


Button Hole Bag Question

Does anyone have pre- and post-felting dimensions for the button hole bag? Thanks.

It depends on a lot of factors: yarn you use, needles size, how tight/loose you knit, how your machine felts, etc.
Mine was BIG. Like about the size of a paper grocery bag. I don't think it really matters, since you can just keep shrinking it until it's the size you like.
I am using the yarn and needles specified and just wondered if you follow the pattern exactly (no modifications) what the size was.
Mine was about 20 percent bigger than the final one. But it doesn't matter as gina said.
Haven't made the button hole bag yet but the two purses I have made along with Fuzzy Feet, all look like they were made for giants!

I'm making a purse right now that the old Star Jones could have used as a skirt to give ya an idea of just how big it is.
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