Friday, July 21, 2006


Handtowel finished!

So proud of my new towel! I'll admit that I had my doubts about this pattern for the first couple of repeats, but towards the end it grew on me (I also started to remember the pattern) and I plan to do a few more. There are plenty of mistakes, especially in the earlier rows, but I just put that side on the back. After all, it's only a hand towel!

It's in Peaches 'n' Cream because a girl's gotta eat, but I'm happy with it. Maybe a matching bath towel?

A note on color- this one is in "purple," but between the camera flash and the misfortune of my salmon-tiled's softer on the eyes in person. Although no amount of knitting is going to make up for the salmon bathroom, oh yes, with matching tub and commode.

Well done! I'm sure it's more absorbend than the Euroflax would have been. A bath towel next? Wow!
Peaches n Creme? Great idea! and it looks great! what size needles did you use and how many balls did it take?
Looks great.
I have two bathrooms in that color. Not easy getting a seat that matches.
I may have to make a few.
I used size 7 needles, and it took up a fair bit of my one pound cone (less than half, but hard to say for sure). I was happy with the gauge on the 7s right away, but I knit pretty tight.

For the record- I gave up trying to match the toilet seat. I now have a clear acrylic seat with yellow ducks. Why fight it?
I grew up in a salmon-colored bathroom (well, you know what I mean). My mom and I agonized over how to minimize the salmonness, which is kind of like minimizing an elephant.

Now I look back at how wonderful that bathroom was!

Great knitting. You inspire me!

Your towel looks so nice! :)

My family and I lived for twelve years in a fifties style home with a salmon-tiled bathroom with brown tiles for trim.

My next-door neighbor at the time had painted her bathroom tile all white and it looked very nice. HER original bathroom tile had been pink with purple trim. :)

I too have a salmon pink bathroom which unfortunately will not be remodeled for another few months, years, who knows....
But the other day my older daughter left her beach towel in the bathroom and the colors looked awesome in there. Pink, orangy-peachy, yellow and lime green. How weird are those color combinations? Anywho it just goes to show that there is still hope for salmon pink bathrooms.
I love it! Just started mine in Knitpicks Shine Sport.
Nice job! Your towel came out quite pretty!

I am making the chevron stripe in the peaches and cream and am having a devil of a time keeping track if anyone in my house dares to speak to me - LOL! Either that or there is a mistake in the pattern besides the knit 5 one on the website. I think it's my lack of multitasking ability.

Ordered the Euroflax to do the moss stitch one - let you know how it knits up!
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