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ok. i am new to knitting.

i am knitting my first ballband and am not sure how to go about Joining B. SNB says to "let the yarn you aren't using hang along the side of your piece; then every time you get to the side where the yarn is hanging, just twist it once with the yarn you are using to knit - is this right? any pointers? advice?

thank you! sweetbeaker

here's what i do:

make a slip knot near the beginning of B, leaving about 3 inches (so weaving in is easy). slip this over the right-hand needle (the empty one, which the new stitches will be put on) then letting A hang wherever, I just start knitting with B. the slipknot will give you enough tension to make neat stitches at the beginning of the row. then, when you get back to the knot on the next row, just slip it off the end of the needle and undo it. you can let your ends hang till you're done or weave them in as you go.

welcome to knitting.
al - when i get back to A [the one that was left hanging] then what do i do? thx so much. so appreciated.
Hi, when you get back to A, if it's time to use A, you pick up A and leave B hanging. If it's not time to use A again, you just continue on with B. (For the ballband dishcloth, I don't do that 'twist' of the 2 colors at the side, because you never carry the yarn for more than 4 rows).

One important point: Don't cut the yarn at the end of every stripe; just carry it up the sides. That way you'll have LOTS fewer ends to weave in. (Just 2 for Color A and 2 for Color B, instead of 2 for every stripe.)
These Go to Eleven
Once you have B knitted on for a pattern repeat or two it'll become clearer to you what's happening. The beauty of this pattern is that by bringing up the a yarn you only need to weave in 4 loose ends. This always pleases me as I am the queen of moving around a bag of FOs that only need the ends woven in.... this reminds me I have two lace shawls to block...ick. Another thing, I stopped at 11 bars of B b'cuz I wanted a more square cloth than rectangular.
Also, I have brought in a SNC stash and some needles to the office...
my pattern for starting with the next color is to let the color i'm done with hang in front, and bring up the color I need from the rear. you really can't see any loops of yanr being carried up on the edge. this pattern is great <3 <3 <3
THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE HELP!!! This will certainly help greatly. I will post progress shortly!
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