Thursday, July 20, 2006


First Bib

Here is my first bib done in S&C Swimming Pool. I must say that these bibs are much cuter in person. The photos in the book and others posted here do not give them justice. I am making bibs and hopefully other baby things for two women in my office for there new grand babies.

Also a Ballband I did a few weeks ago. The shade in my back yard caused some very strange lighting, that is not purple in the ombre. It is hot pink with orange and yellow.

Thanks for looking. Amy

Amy...those are both lovely. You're so right that pictures don't do any of the bibs justice. My hubby was not impressed AT ALL with the pic in MDK. But, after seeing the three completed bibs I made, made the comment, "You know, those really are pretty cute."

Men...they're all just tall boys aren't they?
I LOVE the way the bib knitted up with that zig-zag stripey look! I reminds me of how the bottom of a swimming pool looks when the sun hits the rippling water, like when you are sitting on the edge with your feet dangling in the water. I wonder if they knew it would look like the knitted up when they named the color? Cute bib and warshrag!
I love that swimming pool.

I did the same one, and made it button on the side. I used a wooden seashell button. I made a burp cloth in the hot blue and white stripe. The Mom-to-be was duly impressed!
Cute bibs.
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