Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Super Proud Momma Here

Well, I must say after much work my 12 year old finally finished a baby kimono for a new baby cousin in the family! I'm just bursting at the seams with pride! And this from a girl who thought knitting was boring. I guess when she had someone so super special to knit for it became easier. That and the fact that the person she knit for is only 7 lbs helps ;-)

Good for her! I love to see kids knit. And she did an awesome job. Congratulations! -- Sally
That is beautiful. Good job. I wish I had been able to knit at her age.
What a great job, love the colors and cute buttons !!!
I bet dd will be knitting some more
and hopefully share with us!
Happy Knitting to both of you :=))
yay! congratulations to your girl. she did a great job.
Are those yarn-over increases doubling as buttonholes? Very clever.
Yay for your daughter! Hope it was fun for her (so she continues)!
The kimono colors are beautiful and so is the knitter. Well done!! Mary
Tell her the KAL bunch were all very proud of her!
That's so awesome. I think I'll show my daughter. She loves babies, maybe it will inspire her to try her hand at knitting again, seeing another kid knitting. It's absolutely lovely.
That's great!! I'm so happy that she's caught the knitting bug too.
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