Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Another Log Cabin

I've been working on a log cabin to give to my parents for Christmas. It's fun, but the logs are starting to get a little long and monotonous. The whole thing is going pretty slowly now, because I have to take breaks to knit other things!

Looking at everyone's projects is so much fun!


Great Colors! I worry that the log cabins would get old, thats why I've put off a blanket, but I'm working on log cabin placemats
That is one of the problems of the log cabin, but so worth it.
I've done seven "steps" I guess you would call it and the thing is a monster by now, no longer a log cabin think log castle. I've become VERY tired of the knit knit knit zen zen zen. Good luck with your log cabin, may the logs/rows fly by and the monotony not rot your brain! :D
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