Monday, July 17, 2006


First of Many Mason Dixon F.O.'s

Hi all I just had to show off some of my MD projects. I have been super excited about this book since I first laid eyes on it in Barnes and Noble.

The first picture is of the baby kimono with some embellishments and a pair of baby slippers to match. The second picture are of an eyelet baby bib and a purple and cream burp cloth. The last picture is a little baby log cabin blanket small enough to use in a stroller or in car and still stay in place. I used just two different novelty yarns that I've been wanting to use up and voila! here it is. Talk about a challenge trying to pick up stiches on super fuzzy yarn.....Yikes!

As soon as I finish a ball band kitchen set and linen towels for my brother's wedding I'll post them. TTFN.......P.S. I am so excited to be part of this group!

I love the matching baby slippers! Is that a pattern or did you make them up?
Love the kimono and the SHOES, how cute, where did you get the pattern for the shoes/slippers?
thanks, pat
Another request for where did you get the baby slipper pattern?
I love the idea for using the &%$# novelty yarn on a baby blanket! Too bad that most of my novelty yarn is realllly hairy... :)

I think the slippers are cute, too.
The baby slippers are from a book by Zoe Meollor (sp?) Tiny knits for Tots or something like that. The very last pattern in the book. I've used this pattern alot with many different size needles and yarns. (Don't laugh but I made a pair for myself with that pattern in super chunky wool but my neice practically ripped them off my feet and is now guarding them for herself.....sigh)
P.S. The reason I made the log cabin baby blanket into a stroller/car blanket is because I felt that the "furriness"of the yarn was not suitable for a baby's crib....especially a newborn because the fibers could stick to the baby's nose and mouth causing breathing issues. (I had quite a scare with this when my now 2 year old was just a super little 5lb baby)
That kimono just puts mine to shame. I love the embellishment and the matching shoes. Well, this baby will grow up to be a fashion plate, I'm sure. I have to find the slipper pattern right now!!
Love all these things. Thanks for sharing with us. --Sally
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