Monday, July 17, 2006


Log Cabin Question/Opinion

I have a question in regards to the log cabin and would like everyone's opinion.

Do you weave in your ends as you go along? I'm considering doing it so that they don't become a mess to handle later.

BTW - I'm using BrownSheep Cotton Fleece in all the colors of blue that they have and when to the finished size will put cottonball white all around the edge.



I love your idea of using all the various blues. It's gonna be gorgeous!
I'm weaving in the ends as I go along. Usually after I finish a 'round' of logs.

If you wait until the end I think it would be a big, tangled mess.
I always weave as I go. Otherwise its too daunting at the end.
I weave after my hands/shoulder gets tired knitting. When I need the knitting break, I sew. When I'm done knitting the only threads I'll need to weave will be from the border.
I've been knitting in my ends right away. It's a technique I learned in a workshop given by Brandon Mably. It's very easy, and though it's a bit thick in that spot, it looks quite neat on the back and it's easier than weaving them all in later. Don't you love the Cotton Fleece? I'm making Moderne blanket out of it and it's great.
I love the colors.

I weaved in the ends as I went along. It made life so much easier.
I hate hanging ends. I always weave them in as soon as I have enough knit up.
thanks for all your kind and wonderful comments - I'm going to weave in the ends after this next "log" - I've done three more since yesterday and it's getting messy back there. I will post once done (hopefully I have enough yarn to make big enough, I'm on a yarn diet and can't buy anymore until September sometime)
I haven't woven them in as I go just because I'm too excited to start my new log. Whenever I finish a blanket I usually spend some time weaving in the ends. My advice would be weave in as you go as everyone else has said but it's not absolutely necessary. I just know that I'll have to put in a movie I've seen quite a few times and weave in all of my ends.
I haven't logged, but with everything else, weaving as you go seems easier. Knitloon, can't wait to hear how moderne goes with cotton fleece, it was my first "welcome back to knitting yarn" after a long hiatus with a scarf for hubbo, and he loves it and I loved knitting with it.
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