Monday, July 17, 2006


Chief Procrastinator

See - this is why I don't have a blog (I've actually started 3, but gave up!) I just can't be trusted to post on a regual basis - making this KAL a wonderful idea for folks like me!!

I actually finished the mitre square blankie 3 weeks ago! I even took these pictures at the time, but never got round to connecting the camera to the computer to download them! Sheesh!

Anyway - here we are at the layout stage.....

A wee close up of my mattress stitching - with all ends sewn neeatly in (boy did I feel a sense of acomplishment when this was finished!)

And a shot of the aformentioned ends! Does anyone have a small rodent who desperatley needs a nest?

Here we have the obligatory cat photo (we just can't have a photo of knittin without some kitten!)

And last, but not least, the finished article - well not quite - since taking this photo I have (say it quietly)
crocheted a border on - I just couldn't face the thought of millions and trillions of stitches all squished together on my circular needles that i figured crochet was the way to go. I'll see if I can manage to post a picture, including border, later this week (but I'm not promising anything!!)

I've also completed a couple of ball band dishcloths so I might even manage a pic or two of them!

You did a beautiful job I just love it. What yarn did you use?
Thanks Lois! I had loads and loads of cheap acrylic stuffed in a cupboard from a phase my niece and nephew went through of demanding Auntie knit them clowns and stuffed animals (most from the Jean Greenhowe pattern books), so thought this would be just the ticket to get rid of it!

I'm already considering another one in cotton, it was so easy to knit - i love the fact that once you get half way through a square it's almost finished!
That looks fabulous! Please show a pic of the crocheted border. That's my next frontier.
excellent!! I love the colors.
Just wondeful! Congratulations on this finished blanket! I love the colors. Now, please send it over to me!
Love it, just love it! It is just as beautiful on the back as it is on the front. Can't wait to see the border; don't procrastinate too long!
Absolutely fabulous!!!! It inspires me to get moving even faster on mine!!
heroic, epic, beautiful and fabulous!

That looks really great! I love the colors!
Amazing!!! From one Procrastinator to another!
I love the look of the miter square blankets, but I doubt mine would ever get sewn together. I still recall the one granny square blanket I made and vowed to never do again. But your blanket is so pretty. hmmmm
Wow, the sewn in ends are the most 'specially impressive part! The back of mine will never be photographed.
Wow! This is gorgeous!!!
Your miters line up so well!!! Your knitting is soooo nice. The blanket looks beautiful. I think it's about the best mitered blanket I've seen yet. Be proud :)
Wow, the fastest Mitered Blanket EVER. How ever did you do it? It's gorgeous. Mazel tov! xox Kay
love it!
I love your blanket - the colors sing!
That is gorgeous! I am duly impressed, especially with the tidy finishing work. Bravo.
Oh, it's beautiful! I'm wondering if I could do the same thing with my TONS of cheap acrylic yarn (hand-me-downs), and then NOT sew in the ends and "quilt" it with a full-sized sheet or something.... Has anyone done that? The ends and the expense (if I didn't use acrylic) are what are holding me back...
amazing! one question: did you have to block all the individual blocks?
wow and wow - give yourself a pat on the back for all of us! It looks just plain amazing!
That's a totally amazing blanket! The colors are awesome, and I've very impressed with all the mattress stitching (not my favorite thing to do).
Beautiful. You did a wonderful job.
beautiful! What size needles did you use? Is the acrylic red heart or another brand?
Love it Love it Love it!

I have to be honest - I was not loving the mitre thing but you did a great job and in fun colors.
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