Sunday, July 16, 2006


Absorba angst--photos

Found it and took pics.............

Maybe you didn't pick up enough stitches?
It looks as if your rows are short a few stitches in there. I had to pick up stitches with a crochet hook (size N) and carefully count that I picked up Six extra for each new segment. Did you try any of the other log cabin stuffies? It might be easier on the hands and less frustrating to make a log cabin warshrag first. It's the same technique just smaller scale
I didn't know you had to do 6 extra for each segment! Oy! I will have to try that...........

determined to have Absorba success!
As you knit onto each new segment you'll pick up 6 stitches at the end. Page 68 of the book explains it with great illustrations. Just remember that since each of your new strips is 12 rows (6 ridges) you need to pick up a stitch for each ridge ie...6.
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