Saturday, July 15, 2006


Nesting Box Variation

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As soon as I read the description of the nesting boxes in the book, talking about taking inspiration from wicker baskets, I thought: LINED BOXES! Like the baskets I love with the little fabric liners that are way too pricey. I wanted something more. . . . knitted. Less wicker. More fun. So I took inspiration from the nesting box idea, and with some modifications made this storage box.

Details: Box is 6 inches square. Yarn is Henry's Attic Crown Colony yarn that I dyed myself (click dye job on my flickr sets for pics of the yarn, unknitted). Knit on size 8 US needles, then felted through 3 washings. More pictures of the box are on flickr if you click the picture to follow the link. Happy knitting!

Looks Fabulous and I love your colors.
What a cute idea. I was wondering. Is the fabric sewn in or can it be taken out for washing? I love your colors, too! Thanks --Sally
Thanks! The fabric is sewn in--however I am tempted to try another with button holes to make it removable :)
Excellent choice of fabric - I have some of this too!
I think I am going to do this with the Button Hole Bag :)
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