Saturday, July 15, 2006


More warshcloths and bibs

As my log cabin blanket slowly progresses because the heat has quickly warmed my apartment, I've been knitting with nothing but cotton and nothing but bibs and ball-band washcloths.

I started one for my husband in Blue Sky Alpaca's organic cotton yarn only to learn early on when the yarn broke while I was casting on that maybe this organic cotton yarn isn’t well suited for washcloths. But did I immediately stop knitting the washcloth, nope, I worked with it a bit more thinking that the yarn breaking was a fluke. As I worked with it more I quickly realized, this yarn is definitely not suited for washcloths. Now I have two beautiful balls of organic cotton yarn that I have no idea what to do with.

That didn't stop me from starting another ball-band washcloth in similar colors for my husband. I started it at the beginning of the White Sox/Cubs ball-game and finished it about an hour after the game was over.

My nephew was here last weekend and he really liked my husband's washcloth, so I made one for him, too. He didn't think I would have it finished by the time he left, I surprised him by sewing in the ends after breakfast on Sunday morning. We called the colors in the washcloth - mint chocolate chip.

Baby Bibs With two baby showers in two weeks to go to, I have been making baby bibs as gifts. The shower I attended last Saturday, I gave two bibs and they were a hit. Today, I'm finished up a third bib in the slip-stitch pattern for the mom-to-be for the shower today. I'm sure she'll love them too.


the organic cotton makes great scarves. I just made one for a gift from the "One Skein" book and I don't want to give it away.
There's a great little wrist pillow for when you're on the coomputer at (if you like that sort of thing!)
Blue Sky Organic Cotton is some of the softest stuff around. I have some inmy stash that will some become a sweater the baby in my belly. Have you considered a the kimono in the book? You could also add repeats to the warshcloth pattern and make a small blankie, perfect for little hands to cling to, two balls may be enough to make a carseat-sized blanket. I-cords or bobbles along the edge could add texture and things for babies to grab onto...
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