Friday, July 14, 2006


Sugar N' Cream Score

My Courthouse Steps blanket is creeping along and any change would be barely discernable and require comparison photos, so I'll wait until it's finished to picture it here again. In the meantime I'll explain this photo of stash enhancing Sugar N' Cream. I went to a new Hobby Lobby location to purchase a few balls for warshrags and when I plopped the four of them on the counter they rang up at less than $3. I asked the cashier if they were on sale then and she said yes. We didn't have time for me to go back and pick out more so I asked when the sale ended (it was a Grand Opening Sale) and found out I could still come back the next day. Score - 24 skeins of S&C for a whopping $16! I see house warming gifts and baby bibs and burp rags galore!
Now, I've made other warshrags in the past, but never the ballband pattern. I see now why they're so addictive. They're fun to knit but not to overly complicated. These will be gifts for some of my colleagues as I finish up my last week at work.

I still have not made it to a Hobby Lobby (it's 45 minutes away). Is tomorrow the LAST day of the sale? Or today?

(like I need to build stash...)
Am feeling extremely jealous . . .
I am so very envious of your score! Where is this magical Hobby Lobby? I'm in Los Angeles where the Joann's has a paltry little selection....
There's a Hobby Lobby near me...but I can't find the date of your post, so, Duh, embarrassed me wants to know the specific date(s) of the sale. Can you please provide?
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