Friday, July 14, 2006


Ready to start Absorba!

So, I have my PnC: 2 cones of natural, 1 of forest. Now I need to get the needles.

I am so excited to get going on this project, everyone says it goes so fast.

And, in non-MD knitting news (*gasp*) I absolutely HAVE to show off my very first sweater ever! I made it for *double gasp* $6.00. Yep, six bucks. I know there are those who scoff at acrylic, but I swooped up some Caron Simply Soft for .99/skein, and my 3 yr. old picked the pattern. I had to rewrite the pattern, (see my blog) for my gauge, but he loves it! As it is my first sweater, there are plentiful mistakes. But I couldn't be prouder!

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Please forgive my non MD project- I had to share- I know no other knitters to brag to!

It's great, Rose! I'm glad we got to see it. What's the URL for your blog? I'd love visiting knitters' blogs, too. --Sally
I think it is great for you to share even if it isn't MD - I might do the same...I am a new knitter with few projects under my belt [just finished my first scarf] and no other knitters to brag to either!

PS - I just bought the MD book, hence my joining the MDKAL and can't wait to try some things out!

Karly []
My blog is

I don't know how to make links magically appear!

My latest knitting photos are in last months archives, as I've been working on this for awhile!
I'm really excited about knitting, and love that I have others to chat and share with here, karly! No one I know knits, so they keep giving me these looks like I'm completely crazy!
Go to - you will find some html stuff to make links work etc.
What an adorable sweater!
Congrats on your first sweater! It looks great! Personally, I see no sense in using high maintenance, expensive yarn for something that is going to get ice cream and juice all over it. Use it, wear it, wash it- I say!!!
My thoughts exactly!
It is wonderful!!!
Fun, adorable sweater! I am a fairly new knitter as well (1 year). Love to hear of newby knitters/bloggers. I am at Hope to see you there!
cute sweater Rose

What size needles will you use for your Absorba?
I'm thinking 17's for the Absorba!
So cute! You should be proud. I love Stripy things. I know what you mean about not having any other knitters to brag to. Our non-knitting family and friends can give us their best well-meaning smiles, but it's not quite the same as showing it off to those who understand the work that goes into it!
Yay you! First sweater is such a milestone. I think first sock is even bigger. Dozens of pairs later, I can't get over the magic of turning a heel.
I have a sock in queue. I really want to make the over the knee socks from Handknit Holidays. But that may be a bit ambitious for my first pair, eh?

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