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Well, that's what I get for knitting in the dark. I could see well enough to start the new ball of yarn in the movie theater, but it wasn't light enough to check the dye lot. C isn't due until August 16th, but there's a chance they'll induce her a couple of weeks early. Ripping it out would suck horribly.

I guess what I'm wondering is how washing it will help/hurt the color difference?

-Not a happy camper today
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April, I cannot see the difference from this picture. Is it PnC or SnC Cotton?? If the color difference is too noticable, I'm quite sure that after a wash it will be absolutely fine.

(Or you could just call it a design detail! That's what I usually end up doing.. lol)
I agree with Rose - I really can't see a difference -- and I have done that with the whole design detail. And a wash may even it out enough that you don't notice it too. And since it is for a baby it will be washed a bunch right.
I'm assuming that the red line is to let us know where to see it but I just don't see it.
Definitely leave it be... I mean you appear to have started with new color at the beginning of a row, so to the average eyeball it's a stripe. I also think that after a few warshes, th edifference will be even less discernable.

but I'm obviously too lazy to proofread my posts (see above) you may not wanna listen to me ; )
Also - is that the Kimono? doesn't that fold right about where that line is - that should make it less noticeable right? You could also add (by sewing) a ribbon trim right there so that the line is less obvious (which it really isn't).
I did the same thing (well... I ran out of the red SnC I was using and had to buy a new dye lot) on the baby kimono. Even after washing, it was unfortunately noticeable... BUT I just folded the front of the kimono the "wrong" way so the odd dye lot laid under the criss-cross. (and then I had so much yarn left over that I made a matching hat....)

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