Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I might be mitering

More miters, more talk about why I haven't been mitering as much as I should be on my blog . I've pretty much left the simple two color squares behind and entertain myself adding a third hue. I checked in with my co-conspirator on this afghan and she's done the same. Must be in the genes.

I love the colors. If you look at the colors and designs used in Kay/Ann's example for the4-in-one mitred square... they not only use the mixed colors but the mixed design. Some lines are wider than others... it is really cool! So many options.
Happy colors! They make me smile...
I love the variation that you've added. It just gives it a little touch of something special. I might have to borrow your idea when I start making my own mitered squares. I just love how yours are turning out.
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