Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Finished MItered Squares

Hi everyone. I am finished with my mitered squares for Jennifer's Blanket. I made 4 squares...there is enough yarn left for maybe another square, would anyone like the yarn??? I will gladly pay postage to send them to you :)
I am done...time to move on to bigger and better things...another kimono.....ball band...etc.

Very lovely and bright.
I'd be happy to have your leftovers if no one else has claimed them! :)

radarkaty at yahoo dot com
kathleen - you were first to ask, so they are yours :)
happy mitering
i love those colors! is the whole blanket out of just the two colors? love it!
Jennifer is making the blanket, I'm just donating the squares to her. I believe the blanket will be MULTI COLORED :)
Multi-colored, amazing, and full of love are just a few words to describe the blanket-to-be. A thousand thanks Leslie.
you are very welcome. sent the squares this morning, you should have them soon.
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