Sunday, July 09, 2006


MDK Sessions Continued

Here are the measurements for the Ballband Bath Mat:

It is 34"x22" and 57 stitches. I guess I did two extra repeats and not one..

I was supposed to write them down in my knitting journal but was too lazy to figure it out. Thanks for forcing me to do it!

The two things I don't like about it are:
1. It's really a pain to knit. The bigger it gets, the more unwieldy it is. And the big needles made my fingers ache. It's good to have another smaller project around to alternate with...
2. I wish I had bought more yarn for it. My bathroom is kind of long, and a longer mat would be nicer...

One pro in the knitting part however is that Elliott loved it as a blanket. He was NOT moving when I was knitting it, but then again, he matches it so well too!

I think I'm gonna knit another smaller one for in front of the shower as well, probably single or two-stranded.

The mat would probably be really nice just two-stranded as well. Maybe not quite as cushy, but still nice! The whole bathmat cost me about $14 to make in the S&C.

Thank you for the stats. I'm still deciding what to do... Of course, I don't have the YARN yet, so I have some time :)
When you can't move because a cat is sleeping in your lap, you are 'incapussitated'. Nice ballband!
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