Friday, July 07, 2006


"Inspired by a True Story..."

I always see that on TV movies and wonder how much of what's presented is factual and how much is "creative license." Here are some photos of dishcloths "Inspired by" Mason-Dixon Knitting. They are all different yarns and they are all - hold on to your chairs and don't kick me out.... crocheted (GASP!!).

MD Inspired Washcloths

I love the ballband cloth, but sometimes crochet is just plain FASTER!!! I seem to be obsessed with getting things finished lately (read more HERE) so crochet as the answer for these. I'm please to be on a washcloth kick though. I love cotton yarn and I am having a blast.

They are also all purple in keeping with Project Spectrum. Have a great weekend!


Amy - ok that is twice in one day someone said Crochet to me - I smell a new hobby coming on! The washcloths are lovely.
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