Thursday, July 06, 2006


First Post

Thanks for letting me join. I do the Xanax Wearing A Knitted Sweater Blog, and Needlegirl blog on Typepad. I'm Rhonda. I'm 44 years old. I live in Missouri. My hobbies are obvious: cross stitch and knitting. I belong to the Embroidery Guild, which is partly where I learn to knit. I learned to knit from the Debbie Stoller books (we know what they are), and I happened to be at the yarn shop the other day, and bought Mason Dixon Knitting. I love that book, and am very glad I bought it. What do you know, no difficult sweater patterns! Lately, I've been stitch on socks. I knitted my first sock, and, am on it' s mate. Those are not in the Mason Dixon Knitting book, nor do they need to be.
I'm impressed with the washcloths and the washrags, and the towels, and I might even try the robe. I like the baby kimono, but have no reason to stitch it, unless I might need a baby gift. I love the knitted containers, they are cool. I like how the book is written, and I like it as much as the Stitch and Bitch books, only, I'll come near making everything in the Mason Dixon Knitting books. The towels, for instance, I plan on using Sugar and cream, cause of the cost, and availability, and making a few up. I'm already working on the washcloth, with the slipped stitches, but I must finish my sock completely, before I finish the dishcloth. I can't believe it is a dishcloth. Doesn't appear to be one. The robe, could be a sweater. I might tackle that. Most of the things in the book, I plan on doing, and I'm working on my stash of Sugar and Cream. (Seems it runs rampant on eBay). Sure am glad my storage space is huge.


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