Thursday, July 06, 2006


The beginning of a Nina Shawl

Hi, this is my first time to post to the KAL. I was curious to see if many others had knitted the Nina Shawl. I'm not seeing very many posts with the name Nina in it! lol But I've only checked a page or two so maybe there are more I'll find later. I fell in love with the color combo in the Nina and decided I HAD to make it. I just started Saturday so I don't have much completed yet. I did decide to do a seed stitch on each side with 10 stitches instead of 5. Anyway, this is the first picture I took on Sunday. Will post more as I progress........ I'd love to see other's color choices!

I'm knitting a Nina Shawl using Dale of Norway Svale in Black, Grey, Orange and Green. There's pics on my blog if you want to check it out. I've completed the body of the shawl and only have to pick up the stitches on each end for the ruffle before it's completely finished.
I'm also doing the Nina shawl in the colors from the book with the exception of the green--I don't feel adventurous enough to be that daring. I'm using Classic Elite because that's what my LYS had in stock in the quantity I needed. I'll post pictures sometime this weekend.

I love the photo, and, of course I love the shawl. I have no plans for it yet but it is on my "this year" list.
I'm actually just starting the Nina shawl as well! I was about to post a message asking if anyone had pictures of their color combos posted!

Well, my color combo is inspired by blossoming flowers and trees--muted magenta, light green, coconut brown and maybe a light pink, using Classic Elite Premiere cotton/tencel yarn.

i'm still waiting to get some of the yarn for it but i cast on and started with the pinky-red colored yarn first...i'll post a picture as soon as i can as well!
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