Thursday, July 06, 2006


Euroflax Linen substitutes

Just a question, has anyone ever knitted with the hemp yarn? Elann is having a sale and I thought it might be an interesting and less expensive substitute. Different gauge, but for hand towels I don't think I'll care if I adjust the stitches and size is slightly different--I've just never tried the stuff.


I haven't knit with Elann's hemp yet but I just ordered a few balls of it to try the handtowels out with it. I'll post how it turns out when I get one finished up.
I did the same and will do the same - I'm in a curious mode :-)
Great minds thinking alike, I guess! Looking forward to the posts.
I've used a wool/hemp blend, and it's wonderful. I think I will also order some from Elann to try it.
That sounds like a great idea. Is the hemp handwash, though? (Maybe it can be thrown in the machine anyway?)
I ordered several colors this morning! Yesterday when I was surfing knitting sites I read that hemp works out like linen, then I saw the sale this morning, I thought it was fate!

It should be machine washable. I can't wait for it to get here! I'll be sure to share my results but I'm sure someone who knits faster than me will post results before I'm finished.
From my cloth diapering days a few years back (4-5) I know that hemp washes wonderfully and gets softer with every wash. I was thinking the same thing about the towels, but we're in the midst of selling/buying houses and extra expenditures are curtailed. I'll be eager to see how it works out!
It looks like bobbi has gotten started with this so I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm finishing mitred square baby blanket two for the other cousin who just had a baby and then absorba for me, then, maybe, hemp towels. Thanks all for the advice.
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