Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Log Cabin w/o the b/o???

Please forgive me if this has been mentioned or asked before. I read all the posts before I *ever* dreamed I'd be trying log cabin myself....

so I started a sampler log cabin, thinking I'd make it into a dish cloth when done. While picking up stitches from the purl bumps is nice and easy, I quickly tired of picking up stitches from the bound-off edges (and I had hurt fingers!). Sooooo.... I wondered why I had to bind off at all. Why couldn't I just move the stitches to a stitch holder until I needed them, and then could pick them up off the stitch holder and go from there.

So I did it. It quickly got too big for a stitch holder, so I used a DPN with needle tips on each end. I figured if I went beyond a washcloth to a blanket, I could use an "extra" circular needle to hold the edges until I need them...

(and the changing of the colors is SOOOOO much smoother!)

I'll edit this to post a picture when I can take it and upload it w/o waking the 3 YO...


I didn't think of holding it on needles till the last round, so don't look at the others to see how it worked ;) lol... I suck at picking up stitches! And this may be the UGLIEST log cabin in the history of log cabins--I used each color of cotton that I owned once and quit when I was done. lol...

Interesting idea! I hate picking up stitches using my knitting needle - too slippery - so I have been using a small crochet hook. But I might try your method for the next blanket.
bfmomma, i have been thinking about that the whole time i've been working on my blanket! i started with the bo/pick up method so i didn't want to change mid-blanket, but i'm so glad to hear it looks nice! good thinking!!!
I thought of this too. However, since you are moving around the block, you need to bind off because otherwise you would have three sides on holders or long DPN's with double stoppers to hold stitches or whatever to hold stitches til you get around to that side again...I think! Meaning, after you make the middle square and it comes time to add on the next color,even though there is only the one side eventually you'll have to pick up on three more sides. Use a crochet hook slightly smaller than you needle size and transfer a fews stitches at a time on to your working needle til all stitches are picked up. Or as Kay. You know, the book's author.
you could also hold all those stitches on some waste yarn -- then you won't have the issue of tons of needles hanging off your project.
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knitmoose, I don't follow... You are correct that I ended up with all four sides on needles (either being held or being knit upon....) and that was a bit awkward, but (for me!) easier than having to bind off and then pick up again. I cut the yarn after each side was done, so I only had to deal with extra needles--not extra needles and yarn. I think using the circular needles (or waste yarn as rebecca mentioned) would make it less bulky, too...

Anyway, if any of you try it, I'd love to hear your opinions!
I probably shouldn't even post again after my last one... your log cabin looks ok to me
I love your experiment -- looks like a good way to handle the new color section without having to bind off and pick up. I would also think it would work better in the long run because the stretch in the color-changed section would remain the same as the rows before it (rather than the stiffness that might be caused by a bind off - pick up row).

I love playing with these wonderful patterns!
fabulous idea!!! My log cabin was comming out a little tight in the bound off rows.
I also found that slipping the first stitch purlwise n every row makes the whole process a lot easier. It looks great either way.
I love this idea and will definitely try it as I make more blocks. Way to go!
I too got tired of binding off every log just to have to pick up more stitches. I took some fairly detailed pictures and put them up on my blog here: http://abiknits.blogspot.com/2006/05/i-unvented-something.html

I've been taking a break from log cabinning for about a month now - but will get back to my off-center version soon.

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