Sunday, July 02, 2006

Baby Kimono

It's a Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono! And a heartbreakingly cute little baby who doesn't want to wear it! But if he can insist on being wide awake at 1am, I can insist on taking his picture. I used 2 skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky and between the larger gauge and just a couple of minor length adjustments, it fits my five month old perfectly. The underarm seams could be a LOT better, but it was 1am and it's a quicky baby sweater, not an heirloom.


And here are the warshrags, the first seven of what I'm sure will be an insane number. The ones on the left match my kitchen, the ones in the middle are nice and Springy, the ones on the right are really really bright. I think I'm going to give those away.

I think my next project from the book will be a felted box.

Your little guy is SO CUTE! How did you close the kimono? With snaps or what? He looks good in his sweater. Nice fit. Did you still cast on the 40 stitches?
What a cute little guy. Your warshrags are great. I also want to make some boxes. Have fun felting.
I can see you will put the warshrags to good use picking up after him, what a cutie, even if unhappy!
Thanks for the compliments! I cast on the 40 stitches, then compared it to one of his little outfits. I had to lengthen it a bit a the front and back, and if I do it again, I'll make the cuffs a bit wider. I still need to find some ribbon or make I-cord for the ties.
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OMG: So cute! The sweater too!
Congratulations! He'll learn to love the kimono and maybe he'll eventually tolerate being photographed!--Cristina Shiffman
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