Sunday, July 02, 2006


Pile of F'd O's!

So I've been knitting away on all sorts of things, and I finally have enough photos backlogged that I'm actually posting!

I finished my first Absorba; I say first because my husband and I both like it so much that we want to make some for putting next to the bed - or if I'm really ambitious, one for my dog's cage.

I made it with four strands of, well everything. Some is Peaches, some Sugar, and some Kitchen Cotton. I have a hard time finding the colors I want in just one of the brands, as the stores here have limited selections! Anyway, two strands are natural, one is cream, and one is a blue color.

While we down to Indy to do some apartment hunting, I made a baby burp cloth/washcloth. I actually like this pattern better than the ballbands because it works up so much squooshier, and the colors are more interesting.

After that, I got bored, and found out that one of my best friends is pregnant, so I decided to make her an MD washcloth and teach myself both knitting in the round and double pointed needles. at the same time! So I did. I'm pretty proud of the results. Those double pointed needles sure are a bear though...I felt like I was knitting a porcupine! I made a mistake somehow and lost a stitch, but the end still looks normal to me. (And thanks to whomever mentioned that her bobbles came out inside out - I never would have figured that out!)

And last, but not least, I've fallen in love with that picture of the all-Noro afghan, and I'm making one for myself. I've never worked with Noro before, so I'm just picking out skeins that look appealing and making log cabin squares with them. And one day...they will become a blanket... ...aaaand, blogger has refused to upload my pic three times. Ok, well, I'll post it after I finish square number two, then!

Beautiful work. I love to work with DP needles for small things. Thanks for giving me the idea for the crate blankets. I have two dogs and they love to snooze in the crate during the day or whenever.
Great job on everything..DPN's are so clumsy when you first start using them. I used to despise them, but now I love them.
Your absorba looks good!
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