Friday, June 30, 2006


Hand towel in crochet thread

Hello all, it took a while to knit (and made my hands cramp horribly), but the 100% mercerized cotten crochet thread size 3 moss square hand towel experiment is finally finished! Whew, that's a mouthful, try saying that 10 times! (fyi, I used size 5 needles.)

I think the cramped fingers caused me to loosen the tension as I worked on the last 40% or so of the towel, because the gauge got noticeably (to me) looser towards the end. So the towel ended up being a sort of trapezoidal shape rather than the desired rectangular shape. But I dampened and blocked it (more like forced it into a rectangle) - so far, so good. I can definitely say that the towel is, indeed, absorbant (a rather important quality in a towel).

I hope the towel doesn't become horribly misshapen with use, but for the moment, it looks pretty good hanging on the towel rack in the guest bathroom, and my mom is thrilled with the finished product (in fact, she's experiencing some of that "precious knits" syndrome and refuses to do more than touch it gingerly with her fingertips).

I may go ahead and attempt the chevron hand towel in the cotton crochet thread, possibly in a navy blue and gold color scheme (gift-appropriate for the parents of an Annapolis grad). Any suggestions, comments, etc with regard to the pattern?

Looks great! What were the final dimensions?
It's beautiful. You did a great job! Can't wait to get started on one.
Your towel is so beautiful! What a great idea to use the mercerized cotton. My yarn budget just won't allow for the Euroflax yet. I wonder if the mercerized cotton would work for the Moses Basket...
Thanks for letting us know how it worked out. I wonder if any of my crochet cotton is that weight...
This looks really elegant, well done
I have the book ordered, and am about to order Euroflax. WHAT SIZE NEEDLES for the hand towels? 5???

BTW -- have ball-band fever here. Already finished five, and about to buy more yarn for more!!!
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