Thursday, June 29, 2006


Palate Cleanser Project

So, as I posted the other day, I've finished my Moderne Baby Blanket, and I feel a little like one might after a vacation love fling - glad to be back to my normal life, but missing my companion in some ways. I decided to do a little palate cleansing after feasting on my blanket for so long, so I chose a baby hat pattern that I've had for ages and never tried. This is not MD-related, but I'm so proud of the finished product, I just had to post pictures of it! Hope you like! (I'm sorry the picture is blurry - I still haven't mastered my point-and-shoot digital camera!)

Next on the needles: a short-sleeved baby kimono!!

Oh Tara, please tell me where you got that adorable hat pattern! (BTW this is lnupermom from delphi)
That is way too cute
Love it...wish I had a girl...would look pretty silly on my 2 hockey players...wait!!! I could put a hockey puck on top!! How funny.
The pattern is an Ann Norling pattern. You know, the lady who originated the fruit hats? A very quick knit, and SO cute!
A hockey puck on top of a hat? HILARIOUS! If you have baby hockey fans in your family, you should check out the knitted booties that look like hockey skates at
very cute...but the picture doesn't do it justice enough! the purple is gorgeous and the flower is adorable! can't wait to see more!
That baby hat is so adorable, I'm going to have to look up the pattern now myself (and I have no babies - mine or others' - to knit for)!
Oh, my gosh, that is the cutest baby hat ever. I made one of the fruit hats, so I'm going to have to get creative and try this.
Love the hat! I thought it was an Ann Norling pattern.

Hats can be addictive. I make them all the time for the babies I take care of at the hospital.

Quick & easy -- instant (almost) gratification!
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