Thursday, June 29, 2006


Pamela, Are you out there????


You had a post awhile back about finding your Grandmother's washcloth. I was telling you about how my Great Grandmother used to make knitted slippers for my sister and I. You said that you had a pattern for them if I wanted it. I would love to have it if you have the time to send it. I lost the thread to the posts because I was away and thought this might be the best way to get in touch with you. When I told my sister about it, she got all teary and asked me for a set for her and her kids. I think I would be great to pass the tradition on. It would also be neat to use this group to pass on some other nostalgic knitting patterns so they aren't lost.

Thanks everyone for bearing with me as I make this a public post.

P.S. Today I sent the white baby kimono, booties, and hat (along with a six pack of good old Pennsylvania Dutch Whoopie Pies) to my cousin!!! You should have seen the looks on the UPS Store personnels' faces when I showed them the contents of the package!!

Yes.. I am out here,,,so sorry I didnt check back , we have TWO fathers at this time having major surgeries on the very same day( the 6th), so I have been at all Dr's appts and all over the place, gathering test results etc~
If you want the pattern simply email me off line,,,I will try and check asap,, but I cant take anything with me( cell, computer etc) to the hospital I have been leaving at about 7 am and returning home late as I get thing ready for both of them,,,,( I am a nurse by background and a SAH mom now)
One dad is having surgery for cancer the other dad is for his, heart,,,so sorry I really have only peaked at the MD website itself VERY late at night,,
please feel free to email me and let me know this is regarding slipper so my email does allow you in ok?
very sorry,,,my life seems to be one series of Dr's appts now,,,,
Thanks for your understanding I will get back to you when I can ,
blessings to you~
Ps you are talking about the slippers that our moms used to put in their purses and such, they DO need to be sewn up the back with one single back seam , this is a 40's and 50's , 60's slipper that I do up,,,
I hope this is what you are talking about,,this is what I have,,,
I also have a pattern for my "grandma's slippers" - please feel free to let me know if you would like it.

Pamela, I will keep your TWO fathers in my thoughts and prayers, as well as you. The stress of caring of our parents and our children is a daunting one, I am in a similar situation.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you both, I would love to have your patterns when you have the chance to send them. It was just neat remembering how my Great Grandmother used to send us our slippers and how special we felt that they were made just for us. We used to wear them until there were holes in them!

Pamela, your fathers are in my prayers, and I emailed you just don't stress on it, send the pattern when you can. Lord knows I have alot of projects still waiting in the wings!
Please re email it,,ok?
If you went thru this website it will go thru but I checked and didnt see it, do you have your email address listed,
the reason I say this is that there is a _ in my address and its not showing up on the email for some reason
I can do this today,and will be happy to do this asap ,,,ok?
no problem I love to share!
blessings to you~
Oh ! one more thing
The pattern I use can be modified from baby to adult, so that is the one I work on,,its a old pattern but a fun easy pattern and a stash buster,,

Its fun to add on little special things for children or special friends too,,,,
I will check my email and see if you got thru ok?
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