Thursday, June 29, 2006


Help Wanted!

Okay, so I've mastered the warshcloth, but I'm having trouble with the reloaded, circular version.

Any advice to make the bobbles look similar to the photos? I love how they look like almost like an loop around the edge. Mine come out looking quite nasty. Big loops of yarn flying out from all directions. I just trashed my second attempt at this washcloth, and really want to make one well!

So, what's the secret?

Let's see now, how about snugging up your tension a bit (not too much, otherwise it'll be impossible to bobble). After you've completed the bobble row, knit the next 1 or 2 per the instructions. Now that you've got a bit of slack/distance from the bobble, stick your finger in it to push it right side out. I found that when I worked them they wound up inside out. Then again, you could just skip the bobble. Hope that helps!
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