Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Ready to start----again

Hi all. I am new to this group. The first thing I have to say is what a great book. It has so many good patterns!! From very simple to more advanced, it is for everyone!
Here is the linen I purchased for the Moss Grid hand towels. I began them last week but had to frog....I usually am 'right on' gauge-wise but the 5's seemed too loose for may taste, maybe it is just a linen-thing. Did anyone else find it looked better with a 4? I have never worked with linen before...does the stitch definition tighten up when washed? Would love to know before I start off with the 4's.
I am very inspired with all the photos in this KAL and cannot wait to add some finished photos of my own!

I knit one on threes in a stitch pattern called little triangles because I wanted it to be reversible. I felt it was knitting up too loose, but decided to trust the yarn. after it was washed (twice), it still looks lacey, so I will probably rip find some 3 wood needles and hope now that its washed and with wood needles, it comes out better.

If I were you, I would swatch and wash the swatch to see if I like it before doing the whole thing.
If it is knit loosly it does not improve much with washing. It'll make it only a bit softer. I used Euroflax with 4mm needles and I felt it was still a bit too loose for myh taste. The next time I'll use 3.5 mm needles. Have fun knitting anyway. ;o)
I'm using Hemp and it's fine on the size 5s. I do have some linen I got at the same time, so thanks for the advice about going down a size. I'll see what happens when I move onto the next one.
Yeah, I did a swatch on 4's and it looks good...I know, must swatch, but I figued it was a towel who needs to test & learn :)
Thanks for all the help guys!
hope to have photos soon.
I have started on size 5 bamboos but I think it is too loose, too. I think I will go down to size 4 and see what happens!
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