Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Felted box

I just finished my first felted box from some yarn I had in my stash. I wanted my box to be longer and more like a rectangle so I changed the dimensions a bit. Next time, I'll think I'll shorten it up and make it more square to add stability. I'm going to be doing two absorbas I think. Meantime, I have many more washrags in the works!

You could also think of adding walls to a long box (so it has dividers) - that will keep the dimensions but add stability. Just an idea.
What are the dimensions of this? I was thinking of making a rectangular box, too, but won't if it doesn't hold up. I like Nicole's idea of dividers but am not sure how you would do that. But your box sure is pretty!! --Sally
It's very pretty! (even if the sides aren't as stable as you'd like) I like the rectangle idea a lot.
Hey! Thanks for the comments! I think adding the dividers would definitely help! As far as dimensions, I used two strands of worsted weight wool and cast on 40 sts for the longer sides and picked up 27 sts on each short side. After that, I just knit till I felt like it looked right and then felted the crud out. I'll probably add a ribbon tie on the long ends and make it like a soft basket :)
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