Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Idea: Mason-Dixon Sampler Afghan

So. I've been thinking. I'm dying to get into some serious log-cabining. I must obey a strict personal rule against Knitting Outside The Stash. I can't decide which method to try first: mitred squares, classic log-cabin, "moderne," or the brick-layer style. So...

I'm tentatively planning an afghan consisting of 9 squares, probably about 12" each, alternating between all four methods. What do you think? I have a whole bunch of dk-weight wool-blend yarn in 12 colors that I got in Russia for a different project, now abandoned.

I'm afraid it may end up looking random, but - hey, I'll have fun doing it, and I have no other plans for this yarn anyway....

Is anyone else thinking along similar lines? Anyone tried combining the different kinds of log cabin in separate afghan squares?

Go for it! My theory is, that as long as there is some continuity in color- you can do whatever you want in an afghan! And vice versa for random colors- cohesive pattern.

I'm guessing that you are going to have alot of fun with this one! I can't wait to see it so I can make one too!

Good luck, and keep us updated with the progress!
I agree- go for it. And, if as you go you decide that one block just doesn't fit with the rest of the blanket, you can make pillows in a matching colorway!
I do have something in mind that's similar...a patchwork of log cain squares and more free form "moderne" squares
I think it will look like those old "crazy quilts" and I agree, if you like the way the yarn looks together, how bad can it be. Worse comes to worse, when you make a bunch of squares, you'll change your mind and do pillows or scarves before you sew it all up.
What a great idea - turning squares that don't work into pillows or scarves! You guys are great - thanks for the support! I'm going to go for it, and I'll keep you all updated...
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