Monday, June 26, 2006


My first MD KAL project

Hi everyone, I am so excited to finally be able to post my 1st project. I've been addicted to the website and the KAL since reading about it in Family Circle. Finally bought the book earlier this month, and stopped at the baby it is...mailing it off today to my sister so she can present it to a neighbor friend...then I'm going to make another for her sister-in-law. Love everything in the book....the warshrags are next....followed by the bathmat...followed by the....?

I made a baby sweater out of the same yarn (different pattern, though). Loved the yarn. Yours looks great!

The kimono is next on my list of baby projects after I finish the "finicky" white one I'm working on now.
gail - did you happen to catch martha stewart this morning? she held up a picture and I SWEAR IT WAS YOU...was it? the tv was on in the yarn store and i told the clerk: "that is the lady who posted a comment on my kimono"
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