Sunday, June 25, 2006


My first Mason Dixon project

Hi, I'm a newbie here; I can't believe it took me so long to find this KAL; better late than never!

Despite not having an intended recipient in mind, the first project I attempted was the baby kimono. My initial attempt was knit in lilac / purplish-blue / pale green / grass green ombre Sugar'n'Creme. I followed the pattern as specified and ended up with a garter stitch kimono (see below, on the right).

Then I got slightly more ambitious; my second attempt was crafted of white SnC, this time in stockinette with seed stitch borders across the bottom and at the wrists, with a striped grosgrain ribbon tie closure (see below).

No one in my circle of friends/acquaintances is expecting a bundle of joy in the near (or not so near) future, but I figure I'm ahead of the game :o)

Speaking of gifts, I just completed my first set of ball band dishcloths (in light blue and lemon yellow SnC) as a housewarming gift for a friend who, with her long-time boyfriend, just purchased their first house. Along with the dishcloths, I'll include a pretty bottle filled with dishwashing detergent and a book, The Home Owner's Manual.

Inspired by the knitter on this KAL who said s/he knit the bubbly curtain in crochet thread (size 3), I went out and bought a whole bunch. I made a swatch/test panel of a single repeat of the pattern in an ivory color, with the following result:

I'm sufficiently satisfied that I will indeed attempt a full curtain... But not until after I try knitting one of the moss grid hand towels. Since "mama's on a budget" (as my good friend would say), the Euroflax isn't quite affordable for me. So I'm trying out the hand towel in a spring green crochet thread. I hope the result will both be absorbent and hold its shape, because it could potentially make a great (and inexpensive) holiday gift.

I enjoy reading everyone's useful tips and seeing everyone's latest projects, so keep those blog entries coming!

:o) june

i love the seed stitch you put on the bottom of the kimono. :) nice touch!
Hiya, Great stuff! Not a momma, but on a budget too... what size crochet thread are you using for the towel and how's it working out? I may steal your idea! Thanks!
Do let us know the results. I agree, Euroflax is lovely, but pricey.
It's looking really good - so for the switch looks great - Keep us updated!
I am so anxious to see if the crochet thread is a good substitution for the euroflax hand towels. I would love to be able to make several for holiday gifts! I too am on a budget and did splurge for one hank of the "real thing" however, won't be able to make a full set like I'd really like!
Besides orange , green is one of my favorite colors. This one is especially nice. I made hand towels with Euroflax and even after washing, they were a bit stiff. The cotton or what you are using seem to be soft right from the start. Nice.
I love the seed stitch! Good luck with your projects, and keep those photos coming!
Thanks for the comments & compliments I'm using size 3 crochet thread for the towel (Royale Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3) on US5 needles; so far it seems to be working out well. I'm only about a third of the way through, so I'll keep you all posted :o)
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