Friday, June 23, 2006


felted boxes errata ?

Just wondering about the felted boxes. Side 1 calls for 4 garter ridges above the buttonhole but the other three side call for 3 garter ridges. Is this how it should be?


Hi! This is a good catch! The 4 sides should be consistent. On the original ones in the photograph, it is 3 garter ridges.

xoxo Kay
I love your book and am trying knit the Moss Grid Hand Towel. After the border in the Moss Grid pattern itself,I have trouble with row 3. The pattern says to knit 4, then the [p1k1} 3 times which equals 10 stiches, then purl 1, k5 which makes 16 stiches so far. Add to that the repeat of the [p1k1] to last 11 stiches ...Well to figure out how many repeats before the last 11 stiches, I took the 73 cast on, subtracted the initial 16 and the last 11. This leaves 46. However the basic repeat pattern is 12 .. so it doesn't work If I repeat that pattern 4 times I end up short of the final 11, if I repeat it 3 times I end up over.
Much thanks
Oh was my fatigue. I found the problem.
It was me not the pattern
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