Thursday, June 22, 2006


Scribble lace and 50% off yarn in Fort Worth area

Hey everyone,

Has anyone knitted the Scribble Lace Shawl yet? I started on one using some Mango Moon silk and an unidentified yarn in my stash. Only problem is that I only have one ball of each, and after 3 feet of gorgeous shawl I ran out of yarn. Boo!

If you've made the shawl, could you please let me know about how many yards you used? Thanks!

Also, if any of you live near Fort Worth, Texas, you may be interested in my LYS's yarn sale. My friend owns a shop and unfortunately she's going out of business. So for the next 2 weeks or so she's running a 50% off sale. She deals mostly in synthetics and novelty yarn, so if you love glitz and fun stuff you'll like her store. Lots of Berrocco. Great stuff for funky scarves and shawls. If natural fibers are your thing, she still has some Cascade 220 left, various Mango Moon, some Berrocco Cotton Twist, a bit of angora, and some alpaca. No sock yarn or double-pointed needles. She has various circulars left, mostly in sizes over 8. She does have Addi Turbos and I'm pretty sure those are 50% off, too.

She cannot take orders over the phone or ship them, so if you're interested you'll need to physically go to the store. She told me I could post this info but specifically said "no phone calls", so be kind. :)

The store is Phileo Yarns in Aledo, Texas. It's about 20 minutes west of Fort Worth. To get there from Dallas/Fort Worth, go west on I-20. Exit FM 1187 (exit #420) and turn left. Continue south about 2 miles. Phileo Yarns will be on your left after you cross the RR tracks, and it's actually inside Agape Coffee/Bookstore/Gifts

It's a very small shop, so unless you live within 30 minutes of the shop you probably won't want to make the trip. But I thought those of you in the area might want to know about this deal.

Sorry... I'm not gonna be of much help to you here... I just wanted to ask about your scribble lace shawl. Are you using the sari silk from Mango Moon, or one of their other yarns? I have several skeins of the sari silk, and I had given some thought to using it for one of these artsy projects. If that's what you are using, what size needles are you using, and what type of yarn are you using as the large "scribble"? I really want to start this (not that I ever wear shawls, LOL), but I just hadn't come up with a good combo yet. Is your "scribble" a ribbon yarn, or a fat fuzzy one, or what? Inquiring minds want to know, LOL.
I'm about 32" (roughly half way) into a scribble scarf on size 15 needles, using Royale size 3 crochet thread for "thin" and Patons Divine (bulky acrylic/mohair) for thick. So far, I feel like I've barely made a dent in the 142 yd skein of the thick yarn; almost all of the 150 yards of the crochet thread is gone; I'll be starting a second ball soon.

The big variable is how loosely you knit the thin yarn. I'm varying on purpose how closely I pull the stitches to the needle (I let the stitches hang loose below the needle)-- and what you do there will have a huge effect on how much thin yarn you use, above and beyond the size of needle you use (15 is on the small side of the range the book suggests).

I'll post pictures at the KAL and my blog at the weekend -- and by then I may have started scribble #2, which is thinner black crochet thread and Bernat Matrix, a very skinny trellis trellis ribbon. Kelly
I can't for the life of me find the label for the Mango Moon, or my camera, but it's not the sari silk. It's more of a ribbon, flat in some places and twisty in others. So I'm using it for the large scribble. I think the color is "Sedona". There's a not-so-great picture of it here

My smaller yarn is also a ribbon, but it's somewhere between a sport weight and a worsted width.

I'm not a shawl gal, either, but I'm making this for a friend who adores them.

Thanks for the thoughts on tension. I was knitting pretty loosely throughout (It's so hard to be consistent when you're using slippery ribbon!) I think if I knock a few stitches off the width and pick up my slack I can get some more mileage out of this yarn.
Kara, Thanks (I think) for the info on your friend's yarn shop in Aledo. Went with a friend and we really helped clean it out. Artyarns, LOTS of Artyarns, and Mango Moon and Noro and Cotton Twist. We did leave a bit of each. Kept fondling three skeins of Buffalo, which had been $50 a skein, gorgeous natural color, but left them there. BTW, all is now 60% off. Thinking of doing a Scribble Shawl with some of my loot. You might suggest to your friend she would do well to list the leftovers on eBay.
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