Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Baby Kimono

Baby Kimono

I used Sugar'n Cream and made no modifications but the little heart shaped button.

that is so precious...lovely.
So cute! I love how the yarn varigates! Very nice job!
What do they call that color of sugar and cream?
do you know which colorway this is?
I just ordered a *lot* of yarn from the Peaches and Creme company which is listed in THE book,,,I hope its the same colorway as that is pretty close to the one I think is coming,,,
you can get a color card from the commpany for 12$ , they are out of them now but are making some new ones up,,,I love their colors and plan to be using this yarn for many baby knits and wedding shower gift giving also
and,,,,its all cotton!
I think I am liking knitting in cotton more and more,no one complains about itchiness anymore!
blessings to all,,,,
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