Tuesday, June 20, 2006


First log cabin square...

Well, this is my first finished log cabin square for the blanket I've started. The yarn is Blue Sky Cotton.

Unfortunately, I have to set it aside for a while to make burp cloths and bibs for a baby shower in July.

OK, it's not *that* unfortunate... I'm quite enjoying making all the cute baby things, and the bibs and cloths are such quick little satisfying projects that allow me to use all sorts of fun colors. Wheee!

I love these colors, I bet the look so much better in person and the camera isn't doing it justice - ahh, the ideas are flowing in the head now...... :-)
Those colors look really good!
makes me think of fall....beautiful.
Your LC is looking great! Keep up the good work! It is nice and flat, and the colors look so good!
your colors are so beautiful!
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