Monday, June 19, 2006


Is it possible to ever get tired of these?

I just knit another washcloth. These are so useful and quick I'm thinking of doing a few to set aside as gifts. I picked up some soap base to make some homeade soap to go with them. Now if I could just quit keeping them for myself! My next project is to do a big girl version of the embellished denim jacket. I got a great old navy jacket at the thrift store for just nothing and some remnant fabric as well. Now I just need to get the yarn for the edging but I want to search my stash first. Maybe I'll do up a few felted boxes too.

Beautiful colors!! Great job.
Wow!! This is beautiful!!!
That looks like candy! : ) Very pretty!
I really dig the way the varegated looks in the round like that. It looks vaguely tie-dyed. Great job.
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