Sunday, June 18, 2006


Another circular needle question

I'm using circular needles to knit a log cabon blanket. My needles are about 26 inches and now that my blanket has gotten bigger and bigger, I need longer circular needles. What length of circular needles should I buy to continue knitting my blanket. I'm planning on making a full size log cabin so I think they should be much bigger.

You can get the addi turbos in either bamboo or metal up to 40". Our local yarn shop doesn't routinely carry them so they had to be ordered or you could probably order them online. They are out there though. I'm not sure of other brands. Keep up the good work if your blanket is that big already. I am jealous. :)
Actually, Addi's are available in lengths up to 60". That's a full five feet.

I'm making a queen-size log cabin as a single square, and by the end I'll be squeezing 90" sides onto my 60" Addi's.
Probably the easiest option is to get a set of Denise interchangable needles. With enough extenders and cords, you can make a circular needle of limitless length. I'm considering ordering the 40" and 52" cords for my current log cabin.
Does anyone have the Denise set? I've been looking longingly at them for a month or so.
Love, love, love my Denise set. The storage case keeps everything neat, together, and compact. You can link together the included cables or buy an extra set of longer cables. I just link together the ones in the set.

Most important to me, I love the feel of the needles. They are smooth, not quite as slick as addi turbos and yet much smoother than bamboo.
There is a new needle manufacturer called HiyaHiya that makes stainless steel circs in sizes up to 60". And they are very inexpensive. I just ordered one from for $9. They carry them in a zillion sizes.

I didn't like the Denise because the cords are thick and I had to constantly scoot things along.
I just received my Hiyahiya 60" from and they are very nice! Much less expensive than the addis.
Wow congrats on your blanket! It sounds like it is moving right along :) As far as the Denise set goes, I LOVE MINE! They are great to travel with and wonderful to knit with :)
Gonna jump in on the "I love my Denises" bandwagon. I absolutely adore my set, and have converted all my knitting buddies (ok, so I only have two friends who knit, but still...) to them as well.
I prefer bamboo needles, but I do like the Denise interchangables. They've saved me a ton of money. Plus, if any part of the set breaks you can send it in for a replacement.
I also have problems with the Denise set - the cables are too fat and I have to keep shoving the stitches along which slows me down too much. Too frustrating! I only use with the larger size needles so the calbe is smaller than the size of the needle.

If you have a lot of stitches, why not just have 3 circular needles (2 to hold the stitches and one to work off!)
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